IT Roadmap Planning
What is IRP? Wijzig taal naar Nederlands
IT Roadmap Planning (IRP) is a practical approach based upon many years experience in (large) corporations. IRP is meant to set up realistic and feasible planning for changing your business applications portfolio. Typical elapse time of an IRP change project portfolio is about 2-3 years (WHAT and WHEN). The planning will be based on the definition of Target Application Architecture. Each intermediate deliverable of the IRP will ensure consolidated and stable IT operations so continuity is safeguarded.

Besides the planning, IRP will also define an implementation structure (HOW and WHO) to execute and manage the change project portfolio. Sponsorship and management commitment are needed at the start and even more important to keep it at the right level during the years of execution and implementation of these change projects. Management focus should enable the defined and agreed IT Roadmap to be followed and restraint from overreacting in course of execution. Adapting the IRP must take place when it is really needed and when it may inevitably guide an organisation into the wrong direction. Every major change of an agreed IRP should be transparent and clearly communicated to all involved stakeholders.