IT Roadmap Planning
What are IRP Deliverables? Wijzig taal naar Nederlands
The final report contains an abstract of the Business Strategy as derived from interviews and relevant documents. IRP does not aim for renewal of the Business Strategy: the roadmap will be based on the existing Business Strategy as is. Conversely IRP does establish Business Application Architecture as target structure to define subsequent projects in the overall change project portfolio.

The change project portfolio must be defined in order to achieve realistic intermediate migrations towards the target Business Application Architecture. IRP will cluster all necessary activities to logical and consistent projects. Each project will be roughly forecasted in resources and expenses and we will check the overall effort against the change capacity of the organisation. When needed, there will different scenarios presented subject to various priorities. Irrespective of the final outcome all relevant decisions should transparent and agreed by key stakeholders.

IRP is high-level portfolio planning and should be used as starting point to define detailed project plans. Time unit for an IRP is typically a quarter. Detailed project planning allocates individuals on a weekly basis and this level of planning is not a deliverable of the IRP study.

example of high-level planning

The implementation structure will be the “change engine” to manage and execute the IRP change project portfolio. There should be balance to keep focus on this change project portfolio and to keep it fully embedded in the corporate organisation.