IT Roadmap Planning
How to define IRP? Wijzig taal naar Nederlands
A strategic IT study will conclude with an IT Roadmap Planning. This IT study will be conducted by going through the IRP task-structure (see diagram). This task-structure enforces that key areas are analysed and important success factors for deriving an effective IT Roadmap Planning are considered.

The client organisation needs to create a small and effective team composed of business and IT people. This team will conduct the IT study in a time-box approach of 8 weeks in which all tasks of the IT study must be performed and completed. This time-box approach is deliberately set at 8 weeks avoiding too many details which are not necessary to define an effective IT Roadmap. Too many details could even have reverse effects and could confuse the high-level direction which needs to be determined. Management commitment is needed to get people with the right skill set in this client team. Starting this strategic IT study is not without consequences and the client organisation can not ignore the final outcome. The derived IT Roadmap should be endorsed or rejected.

Strategic issues like the IT Roadmap are subjected to organisational culture and the current IT governance. In this strategic IT study, we will adhere to the current IT governance process and go through the regular decision making processes. The implementation structure will also address an effective governance process to keep transparency during executing this IRP change project portfolio.