IRP Advisory Services
Introduction to IRP Advisory Services Wijzig taal naar Nederlands
This company has been established by Hans Oosterling.
Hans has a university degree in Physics but started many years ago in IT. He is part-time lecturer at the University of The Hague in Information Strategy Planning and Innovation Management.
Hans has in-depth experience in IT change project portfolio management in large corporations and non-profit organisations. Besides he has held many IT management positions within financial service industry (wholesale and retail banking). He also worked a few years in an international business environment.

IT Roadmap Planning is based on many years of experiences in companies with a large and complex IT environment and has been further developed and documented in 2007.

The IRP Other Services have been developed for supporting senior IT management. Our business approach is to assign our consultants part-time and specify in advance the deliverables:
  • Insight and overview of your running IT Project Portfolio
  • Assessment and recommendations on your running Application Portfolio
  • Improvement and effectiveness of your relationship with the Business
This approach is more cost effective than increasing temporarily your headcount with (usually full-time) contractors.